September 16 & 17, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
We have seen so many entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars trying to advertise or market their product, service or concept. This is such an old way of doing business and it truly doesn't work in today’s business world.  
You may have already realized you are at a point where you…
  • Want to attract new clients in a S-M-A-R-T and Authentic way, but not in a salesy way.
  • Need new clients to ramp up sales for your business and don't have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising with limited to no results.  
  • Desire to have YOUR brand known in your community or industry.  
  • Know potential clients will want to hear your story
  • Have the latest trend at your fingertips and you want the world to know before someone else gets out there first
  • Seen other people speak and you secretly know you could do better.
  • Know connecting with others is a great business builder, but you don't have time to join all those networking groups, 
  • Understand word of mouth advertising, especially if it comes from you authentically, is the best way to find clients.  
  • Need to do something different or your greatest fear of failing will come true . 
  • Know your product and you are ready to make a difference in people's lives
Honestly, we used to experience ALL of these.  But we went from… 
"Not knowing our message, being frozen in fear, having no following and not being able to even speak on FREE stages" to….
  • Speaking with absolute clarity and confidence in front of audiences of 1000’s!
  • Leading our own workshops and sharing the wealth of knowledge that has landed us on multiple stages and the cover of a major industry publication! 
  • Prospering with our purpose! 
But Before We Did That For a Living, We Were Doing THIS…
I was working client to client as a coach, just trying to make ends meet. I knew I needed to get in front of people to share my work in order to grow my business, BUT I couldn’t!! I was so scared!! There was no way I could get in front of 10 people let alone 100’s or 1000’s. I was hiding behind my fear. Making every excuse I could think of to not get out there and do it. I was a single mom struggling financially, I was overlooked for promotion, I felt insignificant and not worthy. ~Alejandra Crisafulli
I had been working for companies most of my life so when I finally took the big leap to be an entrepreneur, I had no idea how hard it was going to be or how many hats I had to wear. Not to mention I struck out on my own right at the top of the recession. I started to feel like a failure and thought I was not meant to be doing what I loved, teaching, training and speaking from my own business! So instead I kept taking work that was paying the bills, but not giving me the joy I have when I am creating and sharing my knowledge through speaking.
~Bonnie Bonadeo
Your incredible message, story and mission will help you grow
your business beyond your wildest dreams.
There are 3 key factors to using speaking as a way to emotionally engage your target audience
Unique Brand Message
The 4 simple ways to refine your brand message so that you can gain visibility, increase your authority, attract new ideal clients, and expand your income potential 
Signature talk
Our trademarked method to structure your talk will give you the confidence you need to sell yourself and business
Signature story
Connecting with your buyers begins with your personal signature story. But, before you can tell it, you should explore what makes your story stand out from the crowd.
Combine these 3 key factors to OPEN new doors, INCREASE profits, CREATE
new opportunities and ultimately you STAND OUT above the rest.
Breakthrough Your Fears. See instant results offered by the opportunity to speak to others!

This class really helped me to be clear on what authenticity really is, it also helped me to better understand what I was doing that was good and working and didn’t realize it. Now not only can I can speak better and more confidently but I know the sequence of how to put my program together. ~ Emmanuel Mroczka
Everyday you are presented with opportunities to
create bigger profits for your business...
  • YOU could be paid to introduce your brand to clients
  • You will become an AUTHORITY on your area of expertise
  • You engage with POTENTIAL clients
  • There are MORE speaking gigs available than speakers
  • People love to hear POWERFUL stories about your life and business growth.  Also your lessons and failures. Then they want to do business
    with you.
  • We know that developing not only your SIGNATURE TALK, but your signature story and brand could convert into your biggest sales opportunity!
ULTIMATE SPEAKERS COURSE is all about breaking through your limited success and stepping up to your podium. Reveal your passion and share your message. Empower your brand, become recognized in your community and bust through your biggest fears by using the simple method we teach on formulating and adding structure to your speech. Get results sharing your message. From impromptu meetings to formal bookings...SEE RESULTS FAST! 

Make your plan of action by speaking about you, your brand, your life and your work. There is limitless potential for your business as you open a new stream of clients from speaking. Find your niche and develop your brand by speaking to your colleagues, friends, family and even strangers anytime!
Why Entrepreneurs STRUGGLE to use speaking to market
themselves and business? 
  • Instead of visualizing success you have convinced yourself you might look stupid while speaking on stage.
  • You feel a pit in the bottom of your stomach as you wonder if people in the audience are secretly judging you. 
  • Your limited beliefs make you question if you have any new or enough information to offer an audience. 
  • You worry that you will not be liked by people if they don’t agree with your message. 
  • You wonder if you can complete a talk with all the gadgets, technology, charts and presentation tools required for the perfect talk.
  • You worry about freezing on stage. Unable to speak in front of your friends and family. 
  • You know opening up about your life and your business leaves you vulnerable. 
  • You don’t have a “Signature Talk” ready at any moment to share with the world. 
I've been to many programs and this was THE ultimate speaking course! I see how my newly developed speaking skills will impact my bottom line. ~ Cindy Feldman
Our Ultimate Speaking Course offers YOU the opportunity to overcome your fears, limited beliefs and kick down barriers to achieve confidence in front of your next crowd whether that is a crowd of one or many people. We offer this result driven workshop to YOU.  Based on our personal speaking experiences and successful hands-on workshop teaching, we can help you discover your niche and get paid to speak. Or bring your company’s products and/or services to the next level by sharing it with the world.

We break down your biggest fears, limited beliefs and self-doubts. Our Ultimate Speaker Course is result based. It will replenish your confidence and ignite your business or speaking career.

Introducing five easy to understand STAGES (Where to Begin, Relevancy, Body, Call to
Action, & Close)
, we structure our approach to make the most of your time and focus on your UNLIMITED potential as a speaker. You will walk away with YOUR signature talk complete and the powerful tools we give you will help get your talk booked immediately.
Outline of our "Signature Talk" Five STAGES...
Where to Begin. Not sure how to structure your message? Who is your niche market? Or even what
to speak about? In our workshop we introduce our extraordinary methods to discover your personal connection to an audience. We reveal how to share your credibility by transforming your accomplishments into points people will love to hear. Finally, we reveal our secret in how to use this information to promote your brand within the talk.

Relevancy. Make the audience crave your message. Using tools that display your authentic voice, your talk will connect with a purpose. Using life-changing stories, facts and personal knowledge, your time on stage can transition into a powerful message. Our workshop gives a step-by-step look at how to put together your signature talk without breaking a sweat. 

Body. Once your audience is on the edge of their seats, it’s time to deliver your message. Our workshop reveals the way to knock your attendees off their chairs with awe. From sharing your pain to our 8-second rule, we developed a method to engage your audience on every level. Our tools are implemented immediately. You begin to put together your signature talk at our workshop.

Call to Action. Your call to action is the most important message the audience needs to hear. We help you define this message so the audience knows how to engage with you after they leave the talk. Using our tools, you can capture new clients and create sales by fine tuning your most important message.

Close. An inspiring ending is as important as an exciting beginning. We reveal how to set the tone in the final minutes of your talk. Our easy to use closing formula makes your closing statement powerful and inspirational.

PLUS. Our tools reveal what to expect presenting in front of an audience, what to prepare so you are confident and how to be a great speaker.
Bonnie and Alejandra did an exceptional job at helping me and others learn how to connect to be a better speaker and create more speaking opportunities. This training
will help me not only be a better speaker but also develop deeper content and take
our company to the next level. Regardless of the speaker you may think you already
are, you will find great insight and information in this class. ~ Kristin Stutz 
Alejandra and Bonnie created a safe yet challenging environment for learning to be
more authentic speaker and human being. It was a great training that was you have to experience yourself.  ~ Matthew Khodayari
You have a SIGNATURE TALK, now what? 
Our Workshop Shows YOU how to get BOOKED! A personalized plan of action offers you an immediate opportunity to get started on your dream of speaking.

Reveal your unique brand selling points that will get you booked every time.

Create immediate recognition by using the simple method we teach to find speaking engagements.

Sell yourself as a speaker easily. We show you how to create a ONE PAGE sales document that makes a positive impact when people make the decision to book you.

Empowered with your defined niche audience, signature talk and call of action, we show you how to approach potential business relationships to ask to speak.

SO, are you ready to Breakthrough and Claim the 
#1 secret way to build your business?
After working through the Ultimate Speaker Course you will no longer need the thousands of dollars trying to advertise to your target audience in the hopes that it will speak to someone. And, you won’t feel like you’re constantly searching outside for how to put it all together. We will walk you all the way through it so you have your full program put together.

This is your time to put your business success first. Your investment is just $197!
Still Have Questions?
Here’s a recap of everything you get when you enroll in the Ultimate Speaker Course:  
“Over 30 years of combined research and thousands of dollars invested in our own growth, packaged into 2 days!”

September 16th (9 am -5 pm) & September 17th (9 am - 5 pm)
Phoenix, AZ
Life’s too short to stay stuck or believing that you are powerless to change.    
It's time to get off the hamster wheel and take the first step towards making
your business successful.

We are ready and waiting to be your guides and mentors.    
You’re Protected By Our
“I Love This Training” Guarantee!
We are so confident that when you attend the Ultimate Speaker Course, you will be thrilled! We’ll even give you until 12 pm on Day 2 to decide if it’s right for you…in your heart.  And if it’s not, we will give you a full 100% refund! We know that if you follow the steps and do the work, this event WILL prove to be life-transforming for you!
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